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Urologist Manhattan

Top Class Urologist Manhattan Specialist at Your Service

Urinary pain can be caused by minor injuries in the area, but if you are experiencing this kind of pain, it would be wise to have your symptoms evaluated by a Urologist. Having urinary pain can be the result of a more serious condition and if you ignore this, it might lead to irreversible damage to your area. There are various reasons why you might be experiencing pain. The pain might be caused by a sexually transmitted disease or testicular torsion, and even kidney stones. Whatever the case, unexplainable penile/testicular pain should be evaluated by a doctor. If your pain is left untreated, it can lead to permanent damage to your penile/testicular area later down the line.


If you are experiencing urinary pain, and live around Manhattan, go see Marc S. Kaplan MD, your urologist Manhattan specialist. He specializes in kidney stones, urinary dysfunction, infections, prostate problems, erectile dysfunction and more. To learn more about Marc S. Kaplan MD, you can go to

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