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Urinary Dysfunction

Don’t Let Urinary Dysfunction Affect Your Daily Life

Are you having trouble completely or partially emptying your bladder? Are you frequently leaking urine or having strong, sudden urges to urinate and having trouble keeping it in until you get to the toilet? Whether you can start, but can’t fully empty your bladder or having trouble keeping your urine from leaking, you are probably suffering from some sort of urinary dysfunction. There are different causes that contribute to urinary dysfunction. Whatever the cause, it would be wise to see a urologist. An urologist can treat men who are suffering from urinary dysfunction. 


Are you in need of an urologist in New York? If so, go see Marc S. Kaplan MD. He specializes in kidney stones, urinary dysfunction, infections, prostate problems, erectile dysfunction and performs 30 minute vasectomies in the office. Schedule an appointment today or learn more about Marc S. Kaplan MD at

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