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What Are Kidney Stones and When To See a Urologist

Kidney stones are a collection of hard salt and minerals often made up of uric acid or calcium that are formed inside the kidney. This is due to not staying well hydrated. Proper hydration is needed to prevent the concentration of certain minerals in your body to accumulate in your urine. When this happens a kidney stone will form. Kidney stones vary in size, from one millimeter to a couple of inches in size, and can be very painful. Most kidney stones will pass on their own but the ones that are larger will require a urologist who can break up or remove the kidney stone. 


If you are experiencing pain in the back, belly or side, pain during urination, have an urgent need to go urinate more frequently, see blood in your urine, have cloudy or smelly urine, or urinate just a small amount at a time, you might want to go see a kidney stone specialist.


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